Imperial College London



London, UK

Lecturer in the Dyson School of Design Engineering teaching and conducting research.

My research explores for textile sensor and audio signal processing looking towards wearable applicaitons.

Queen Mary University of London



London, UK

Lecturer in the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science teaching Interactive Digital Multimedia Techniques to MSc and PhD students and Real-Time Signal Processing to final year undergraduate, MSc, and PhD students.

My research involves building wearable computing systems that incorporate real-time signal processing of wearable sensors. The wearable systems are often implemented using e-textiles.

Anti-Alias Labs


London, UK

Co-founder of studio doing software and hardware engineering for creative, interactive projects. We often colloborate with artists, designers, and musicians along with providing bespoke engineering for commercial clients. AAL has a core team of three engineers that work regularly with freelancers in fields such as product design and industrial engineering.

Anti-Alias Labs website and Twitter feed.



London, UK

Co-founder of social enterprise providing educational workshops in programming and electronics for creative technology projects. We partner with art galleries and other cultural institutions to teach technology in an unexpected setting, showing that technology and engineering can be a creative pursuit. Current and past partners include SPACE, Whitechapel Gallery, Furtherfield Gallery, Tate Modern, and Derby Silk Mill Museum.

Client work was also taken on through Codasign before founding Anti-Alias Labs.

Codasign website and Twitter feed.

Postdoctoral Research Assistant


London, UK

My first post a research assistant began when I submitted my thesis. I continued work I had started during my PhD research into creating a spatial audio interface for exploring a collection of music. It was funded by EPSRC grant 3D Audio Interface for Exploration of Audio Collections. The work resulted in filing a patent application which was pursued until 2013 when the university decided to no longer financially support the application.

The last work I did at QMUL was researching a new approach to a spatial audio interface. I spent 3 months at New York University working with Agnieszka Roginska and attending the ITP Camp. The research visit was funded by the C4DM Platform Grant.




Centre for Digital Music

School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Queen Mary, University of London

London, UK

Under the supervision of Prof Mark Sandler, the thesis focussed on interactive spatial audio environments to navigate large collections of data. One project was towards creating an interactive room model from a collection of room acoustics measurements. Other projects included investigating methods to present information about large music collections aurally without using a visual screen or monitor.

PDF of the thesis

Master of Science


Department of Music and Department of Electronics

University of York

York, UK

The Master of Science in music technology includes lectures on music composition and creative computer programming. The final thesis was written independently in the last three months of the degree and was supervised by Dr. Damian Murphy. The thesis expanded previous hybrid reverberation techniques that combine convolution and feedback delay networks by introducing more perceptually-motivated variables.

PDF of the thesis

Bachelor of Music


Frost School of Music

University of Miami

Coral Gables, Florida, USA

The Bachelor of Music degree with double majors in music engineering and computer science involved classes on recording techniques and technology relating to multimedia such as digital signal processing. The program required private lessons and performance of a musical instrument, the trumpet.


All publications on Google Scholar


R. Stewart, Adventures in Arduino, Wiley (2015).

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Conference Proceedings


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2007 - 2011

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M. Sandler and R. Stewart, Music Collection Navigation Device and Method, Patent US 9363619 B2, 2015.

Awards and Non-Research Grants

Inspire Award


Queen Mary University of London Centre for Public Achievement

For those who have inspired others by finding creative and engaging ways to communicate their research; such as to raise young people’s aspirations or enthuse new and different audiences. Press Release

Daphne Oram Award Lecture in Digital Innovation


British Science Association

The Daphne Oram Award Lecture is given at the British Science Festival and is awarded to an early career researcher for pushing technological boundaries, or for driving forward computer science.

Entrepreneur-in-Residence Scheme


CreativeWorks London

Funding for a 4 month research project conducted while in residence at Queen Mary University of London with Dr. Andrew McPherson.

Making It Happen Scholarship


Queen Mary, University of London

Scholarship program by Queen Mary Innovation for 3 months of continued living stipend after submission of the thesis in order to investigate commercialisation opportunities.

Pitch Your Idea Competition Winner


Queen Mary, University Of London

First place winner of a Dragon’s Den - style competition involving writing a business plan and giving a 5 minute pitch. Awarded £1500 towards research activities.

Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship



Scholarship program sponsored by Google in memory of Anita Borg. One of twenty female students in computer science related disciplines from across Europe, the Middle East, and North Afirica to receive €5000. [website]

Queen Mary, University Of London Studentship


Queen Mary, University of London

Includes three years of fees and a living stipend.

University Of London Central Research Fund


University of London

A grant towards the purchase of high-quality microphones for acoustic measurements.

Overseas Research Award Scheme


Queen Mary, University of London

Covers the difference between home and overseas fees for an overseas research student.

First Place Audio Engineering Society Graduate Student Design Competition


Audio Engineering Society

Competition hosted by the Students Delegates Assembly for graduate student members.

Audio Engineering Society Educational Foundation Grant

2005-2006, 2006-2007

Audio Engineering Society

Grants awarded to students doing post-graduate research in an audio-related field.

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